Livelling screeds

immagine livelline per pavimentazioni industriali

Levelling screeds are thin, pre-mixed fluid screeds used to solve different kinds of issue:

Sand-cement and self-levelling screed

immagine massetto sabbia cemento

Sand-cement screed Sand-cement screed is a resistant support layer onto which the finished flooring such as parquet, tiles, resin floor coatings or linoleum is laid. It is obtained by mechanically mixing cement, clean and washed D. 0–4 mm silica sand aggregate from quarries, and clean water to achieve the consistency of “damp earth”. The screed […]

Lightweight subfloors

immagine posa sottofondi alleggeriti

Lightweight subfloors are insulating filler layers that serve to level the electrical and plumbing installation, and in any case to create an intermediate reference plane at the level defined in the project. The appropriate thickness of lightweight subfloors must be at least 5 cm and no more than 20 cm for a single layer, larger […]

Horizontal markings

immagine segnaletica orizzontale

To complete the flooring, Elle&P also makes the horizontal markings for resin floors in accordance with the applicable workplace safety regulations (Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008). It consists of a set of symbols that serve to simplify the transit of vehicles and people, thereby increasing workplace safety and functionality. We use epoxy and polyurethane resins to […]

Polyurethane cement

immagine pavimento in poliuretano cemento

Polyurethane cement floors are highly resistant to chemical attack and to heavy vehicle traffic. This type of flooring is ideal for a variety of industrial applications: Polyurethane cement coatings with a thickness of 2–9 mm are the ideal solution for all environments that require elimination of bacterial growth, excellent mechanical resistance to chemicals and good […]

Methyl methacrylate

immagine pavimento metilmetacrilato

Methyl methacrylate coatings are particularly suitable for environments where fast installation is required and where there are low temperatures. In fact, these coatings can be walked on just a few hours after laying, greatly reducing the installation time or the customer’s production downtime, and can be laid where there are sub-zero temperatures such as in […]

Epoxy screed

immagine massetto epossidico

Screeds are 4–9 mm thick coloured epoxy coatings that can be applied over various pre-existing substrates such as tiles.Because of their thickness, screeds have special properties: They also make it possible to restore slopes and correct depressions or defects caused by degradation.The finish can be smooth or rough and therefore non-slip.

Self-levelling coatings

immagine rivestimento autlivellante blu

Self-levelling coatings are epoxy resin-based systems with a 2.5–3 mm thick smooth finish that is 2.5 – 3 mm thick. Applying it makes the flooring hygienic as it promotes the growth of bacteria, simplifies cleaning, increases resistance to impact, constant traffic and wear, and enables the flooring to resist chemical attack from diluted oils and […]

Multilayer coating

immagine pavimentazione con rivestimento multistrato

Thin multilayer epoxy coating This is coating is approximately 1.5 mm thick and is based on coloured epoxy resins with an aqueous emulsion finish, which results in flooring that withstands moderate handling equipment. Thin, breathable multilayer coating For substrates with rising damp within certain values, it is possible to create a coloured breathable coating that […]

Floor coating

immagine verniciatura pavimenti

The practice of coating floors as carried out by Elle&P experts involves the use of two distinct techniques based on different types of resin: epoxy and polyurethane. Epoxy coating This is an application cycle that contains a binder composed of epoxy resins.This coating makes the flooring hygienic because it makes it easier to clean, withstands […]