immagine vantaggi pavimentazioni in resina

The benefits of resin flooring

They are glossy, elegant and give the environment great dynamism. Resin flooring is a safe choice for small projects as well as for industrial applications in new builds or redevelopments. The result? A true handcrafted product that is highly customisable, starting from a choice of colours, with which to satisfy the customer’s wishes and allow professionals to exercise their creativity.

But what are the properties and characteristics of this material?

As well as bringing great order to the environment, the surface is insensitive to bacteria and mould, and the absence of the joints typical of resin flooring makes it easier to clean.

It can withstand impacts, washing and high temperatures. It can also be used outdoors, such as in car parks, squares or playgrounds, without any risk of wear.

It is a good long-term investment: it requires little maintenance and does not need to be replaced as often as some other types of flooring.

With resin, there is no need to demolish the existing floor: it is laid directly on the surface to be coated, saving money and time.

For all these reasons, resin makes an excellent coating, especially in industry, companies, hospitals, schools and shopping centres.
Furthermore, the results of the flooring application can be enhanced. In what way? For particularly large surfaces, we at Elle&P recommend an anti-dust sealer, a colourless treatment that makes it even easier to clean the entire surface.

In addition to giving a “just washed” effect, it increases the impermeability and mechanical strength of the material. The anti-dust sealing process is usually based on a product that gives a matt or gloss finish, depending on preference.

If you need to correct slopes or eliminate depressions, epoxy resin screeds are effective: highly resistant to impact, heavy traffic and corrosive chemicals, the rough-finish version offers a safe, non-slip solution.

Discover all Elle&P treatments for resin floors: one choice, unlimited possibilities!