Concrete floors

Elle&P offers numerous types of concrete floor to meet the diverse technical and aesthetic requirements of different industrial sectors.

All flooring starts with careful planning that begins with assessing the area involved and ends with laying by specialist in-house labour using quality raw materials and advanced technologies.

We are therefore able to produce long-lasting concrete floors with the following properties:

  • Mechanically resistant
  • Resistant to impact
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Withstands heavy vehicle traffic
  • Resistant to static and dynamic loads
  • Easy to clean

It is also possible to create combed or herringbone non-slip finishes where there is a risk of falling or, as in the case of ramps, where better tyre grip is needed on the floor. Moreover, coloured resin horizontal markings can be made to improve workplace safety.

Aesthetic appearance can be enhanced by applying coloured quartz powder to the surface, which will form an abrasion-resistant armoured layer.

immagine rampa antiscivolo a lisca di pesce

Non-slip ramps

immagine pavimenti architettonici lavati

Architectural washed floors

immagine livellamento pavimentazioni drenanti

Permeable floors

immagine pavimenti stampati

Stamped floors