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Lightweight subfloors

Lightweight subfloors are insulating filler layers that serve to level the electrical and plumbing installation, and in any case to create an intermediate reference plane at the level defined in the project.

The appropriate thickness of lightweight subfloors must be at least 5 cm and no more than 20 cm for a single layer, larger fills must be made in several stages.

Lightweight subfloors can be made on site in two ways:

  • Cellulose cement: an extra-fluid mix consisting of a binder with a neutral foaming surfactant and water.
  • Cellulose cement with polystyrene: an extra-fluid mix consisting of a binder, expanded polystyrene beads, a neutral foaming surfactant and water.

Specific alternatives can then be assessed for each situation. For example, in renovation applications or in work sites where the slab under consideration has a lower floor with rooms that are inhabited or considered to be finished the fluid mixes described above cannot be used as the water in the mix could give rise to problems of infiltration, damp streaks or even dripping, but a mix with the consistency of damp earth can be made with ready-mixed products.

In addition, Elle&P is able to produce heat-insulating lightweight subfloors for floors, which are guaranteed to perfectly level out any unevenness in the surface to which they will be applied.
We use first-class insulation materials that guarantee excellent performance and durability.