Resin floors

Resin flooring is a high-performance solution suitable for use in various industrial sectors and applications in both new builds and renovations.

The various types of resin coatings effectively meet the requirements for mechanical and chemical resistance, are conductive/antistatic, are impermeable to liquid and oil spills, and are easy to clean, thus ensuring high hygiene standards.

Appearance is also greatly enhanced by the range of colours available and the smooth, orderly surface.

For areas where there is a slipping risk, it is possible to create a finish with a choice of different non-slip levels to ensure workplace safety.

To ensure the coating adheres optimally to the substrate underneath, it must first be mechanically prepared by washing, sanding, shot-blasting or grinding.

immagine segnaletica orizzontale

Horizontal markings

immagine pavimento in poliuretano cemento

Polyurethane cement

immagine pavimento metilmetacrilato

Methyl methacrylate

immagine massetto epossidico

Epoxy screed

immagine rivestimento autlivellante blu

Self-levelling coatings

immagine pavimentazione con rivestimento multistrato

Multilayer coating

immagine verniciatura pavimenti

Floor coating

immagine pavimenti silicati


immagine trattamento antipolvere su pavimento industriale