immagine pavimenti fibrorinforzati

Fibre-reinforced floors

Fibre-reinforced concrete floors are intended to partially or wholly replace traditional reinforcement. Fibre-reinforced concrete floors involve adding synthetic and/or metal fibrous elements to the mix in varying quantities, diameters and shapes.

The fibres improve the strength of the concrete if cracks form by acting as a “binder” and therefore also have a structural function, by amplifying the benefits of reinforcement and creating uniform reinforcement in all directions.

The use of fibre reinforcement in concrete floors brings great benefits:

  • Uniform distribution of the reinforcement within the screed thickness.
  • Shorted laying times.
  • Improved stitching effect, which limits crack formation.
  • Reinforcement also in the cover space.

It should be emphasised that a specific design approach is essential when making fibre-reinforced concrete floors.