Industrial floor design


Elle&P is a leader in laying various types of industrial flooring for a wide range of industrial sectors: pharmaceutical, metalworking and metallurgy to name but a few.
In addition to organisation and installation, our highly qualified staff specialise in designing industrial flooring for both indoor environments and outdoor spaces that are exposed to greater weather-related stress.

The design carried out by Elle&P consists of drafting a detailed document, which is certified by a qualified technician to highlight all the construction details for each specific flooring. The document states:

  • The properties and dimensions of the flooring
  • The materials to be used
  • Their relative strengths
  • How to proceed with the laying steps, depending on the location and type of flooring
  • The joint sizes

A floor for every context

Elle&P is able to create the right floor, taking into account each individual need of the customer and assessing the most suitable material together with them. At the design stage, our company will take into account the intended use, the loads that will act on the surface, and any possible liquids or chemicals that may come into contact with the flooring.

Elle&P does not carry out standard projects, as each job order is unique and fully customised.


In addition to the quality of the finished work, our company is distinguished by its punctuality and seriousness. For this reason, it strictly complies with all legal regulations when designing and laying floors.

Specifically, Elle & P complies with all the reference regulations listed below:

  • M. 14/01/2018 “Technical standards for construction”.
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Circular No. 7 of 21 January 2019.
  • Note of the Superior Council of Public Works of 08/08/2019.
  • EN 206-1 “Concrete – Part 1: Specification, performance, production and conformity”.
  • UNI 11104 “Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity. Supplementary instructions for the application of EN206-1”
  • CNR-DT 204/2006 Guide for the Design and Construction of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Structures.
  • CNR DT 211/2014 Guide for the Design, Construction and Control of Flooring.