Custom-made industrial floor

Industrial flooring made ad hoc for companies and individuals.
A turnkey service made just for you.


This is the first step on the operational path leading to the ideal floor.


We design custom-made industrial floors that meet the customer's needs.


The floors are laid and treated by teams of professional flooring operators.

Our solutions

Concrete floors

Elle&P offers numerous types of concrete flooring to meet the diverse technical and aesthetic requirements of different industrial sectors. All flooring starts with careful design and ends with laying by qualified specialist technical staff.

Resin floors

Resin flooring is a high-performance solution suitable for use in various industrial sectors and applications in both new builds and renovations. They are impermeable to liquid and oil spills and are easy to clean, thus ensuring high standards of hygiene.

Subfloors and screeds

Elle&P can also design and lay screeds, subfloors and levelling screeds on which flooring of various materials such as concrete, tiles and resin can be laid, for industrial and civil applications.