immagine rampa antiscivolo a lisca di pesce

Non-slip ramps

We design and manufacture non-slip concrete ramps with broomed and herringbone finishes. Non-slip ramps serve to facilitate movement even on slopes while minimising slipping and skidding.

This type of flooring offers better water run-off and greater durability.

The ramps are made of concrete on which a hardener layer consisting of mineral aggregates mixed with water and cement is spread while it is still fresh. Once laid, it is then manually cut into to form the non-slip surface.

The benefits of non-slip ramps:

  • Resistance to temperature changes: the concrete with which the ramps are made is specially conceived not to be damaged by weather changes. This is because in most cases ramps are built outdoors and are therefore always exposed to the elements.
  • Waterproofing: non-slip ramps are constructed in such a way as to prevent water infiltration and are often made in a herringbone pattern to facilitate rainwater run-off. This ensures that excess water is redirected downwards to where there is usually a drain or gutter.
  • Non-slip finish: as the name suggests, non-slip ramps are laid using a broom or herringbone non-slip finish to facilitate vehicle transit.