immagine pavimentazione con rivestimento multistrato

Multilayer coating

Thin multilayer epoxy coating

This is coating is approximately 1.5 mm thick and is based on coloured epoxy resins with an aqueous emulsion finish, which results in flooring that withstands moderate handling equipment.

Thin, breathable multilayer coating

For substrates with rising damp within certain values, it is possible to create a coloured breathable coating that allows the vapour pressure to rise to the top layers.

This ensures that the coating is not subject to chipping or blistering.

Multilayer epoxy coating, 2 mm or 3–4 mm thick

This is a multilayer coating based on solvent-free coloured epoxy resins. Its broad versatility means it can be applied in a variety of industries. It has good mechanical and stress resistance, is resistant to chemicals that are not extremely aggressive, and is easy to clean.