Elle&P is a company with thirty years of experience, operating in the design and laying of industrial flooring, resin coatings for production facilities and subfloors for civil constructions, with design and implementation criteria that have allowed us to establish ourselves as a reference supplier for a large number of businesses and sectors.

From design to laying, we take care of all the details, thanks to our engineering department and in-house staff who are specialised in laying industrial flooring. The success of all our works is based on innovation and research, implementing choices aimed at ensuring the best industrial floor performance in relation to your needs.

General flooring contractor

We design, carry out preliminary checks and lay the flooring according to the customer’s specific needs. We monitor the entire production cycle to guarantee high quality and offer a wide range of solutions to meet different aesthetic and functional requirements. Whether it is industrial, commercial or residential flooring, we carry out quality, durable work that complies with legal regulations.


Elle&P specialises in designing and laying industrial flooring, polymer coatings for production facilities and subfloors for civil constructions.

Our experience as floor layers has created a solid technical and commercial background that, over time, has transformed us into a highly structured, young and dynamic company, capable of providing prompt responses to businesses and sectors that vary greatly in size and type.

Elle&P’s expertise and constant investment in research make us well prepared and up to date, proactively responding to the needs of a complex sector, not only in terms of applications, but also in the range of available solutions. That is why we partner with organisations operating in the chemical, food, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, and in logistics, and construction companies of all sizes looking for absolute flooring excellence in Italy.

Our mission is to provide all the answers, accurately and on time, resulting in technologically advanced, durable, high-performance and sustainable solutions.


Elle&P is a company characterised by a young, experienced, dynamic and constantly growing workforce, which considers collaboration with all players in a construction project as the fundamental basis for real, tangible success.

This holistic vision of our work allows us to calibrate custom solutions, designed with the utmost care to respond to any type of need, not only functional and constructional, but also aesthetic.

In addition to our many years of experience in industrial flooring, we also offer resin floors that solve special aesthetic needs while always guaranteeing excellent performance.

Our vision is that of a sector in which all professionals involved move in synergy towards a new construction concept: highly functional, sustainable, smart and aesthetically appealing buildings and environments designed for best performance and to last.

Certified quality

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification marks a very important step for ELLE&P, as this standard is recognised internationally as the basis for a corporate system that ensures maximum customer satisfaction and constant business improvement.

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Il Team

Joseph Foster

Founder & Owner

Daniel Foster

General Manager

John Foster

Certified Technician

Thomas Jones

Certified Technician

Tommy Foster

Certified Technician

Keith Johanes

Certified Technician