immagine pavimento jointless

Discovering the jointless floor

Jointless industrial floors are concrete structures without visible contraction joints. In some cases, and under certain conditions, these joints represent the weak point of the flooring: this is why jointless concrete floors, characterized by a uniform surface and capable of resisting temperature changes, become the ideal solution in certain situations.

Concrete is a material that, in its fluid state, has a high water content: part of the water is responsible for the cement hydration process, while the rest evaporates causing a loss of volume defined as “contraction”. This is precisely why contraction joints are created in industrial flooring. However, this does not mean that traditional concrete floors are less performing than jointless ones: Elle&P recommends opting for this type of flooring only if it is subjected to considerable stress from goods handling equipment.

Creating a jointless flooring requires a considerable effort, starting from the design phase: from the reinforcement to the concrete mix, everything must be carefully considered in order to obtain a slab that meets the project conditions. The Elle&P team of experts guarantees an excellent realization of the flooring, responding to all the needs of the client.

By opting for a jointless floor, goods handling equipment will experience less jolting and will be able to transit more safely. In addition, the following benefits will follow:

  • Elimination of maintenance costs related to joint degradation;
  • Increased transit speed of handling equipment;
  • Reduced maintenance costs for handling equipment;
  • Increased safety for personnel in the workplace.

These are some of the features that make jointless flooring the ideal concrete structure for modern logistics and industry.

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