immagine tecnologia laser screed per pavimenti industriali

Laser screed for industrial floors

Laser Screed is the innovative planimetric control technology for laying industrial floors.

This particular machine takes its name from the British company that designed and built a series of innovative machines used to level and vibro-compact large quantities of concrete at the same time.

Laser screed floors are safe and perfect for applications in different kinds of company. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, they are perfectly polished and smooth, making such floors relatively easy to clean, although it must be done with special products.

What are the strengths of using Laser Screed technology when laying of industrial floors?

This new technology employs computer-controlled machines equipped with a telescopic arm with a vibrating leveller at the end, which works and spreads the concrete very precisely.

Laser Screed machine technology brings numerous benefits when laying industrial floors:

  • Its extended pouring range means that large areas can be covered, reducing the use of joints in the flooring process, and therefore also the amount of future maintenance work due to the joints.
  • Using these machines minimises the need for manual edge finishing, reducing work times.
  • It eliminates the problems associated with manual laying.
  • It is possible to use S3-grade concrete instead of S4– and S5-grade concrete, with a significant reduction in costs.
  • The ratio of water to cement used is lower.
  • It ensures greater flatness and a higher floor quality.
  • The vibro-compaction releases the trapped air, increasing the strength of the floor and ensuring a longer service life.

These aspects therefore make the use of Laser Screed technology better than laying classic concrete floors.