immagine metodo laser screed per pavimenti industriali

The laser screed method for industrial flooring

Quality, versatility, safety. There are many properties that industrial flooring must have in order to be long-lasting and functional. When designing and laying surfaces, Elle&P ensures solutions that can withstand the constant transit of people and things, and the weight and vibrations associated with moving materials.

This is possible by observing certain basic steps in the process: from inspection to analysing the actual state, from selecting raw materials to choosing the laying method and treatments. That is how the professionals at Elle&P come to offer the best product for each industry sector. For example, concrete floors are excellent for the chemical-pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, metallurgical and food industries, and for companies operating in many sectors such as logistics, agriculture and commerce.

To maximise the benefits of concrete surfaces in outdoor and indoor environments, Elle&P recommends the innovative Laser Screed method.

What does Laser Screed technology consist of?

Laser Screed has revolutionised the industrial flooring sector. It is a vibro-compacting machine: a state-of-the-art tool that not only monitors the flatness of the flooring by means of laser sensors, but also releases the air contained in the concrete thanks to the vibrating effect, thus reducing laying times.

This greatly increases the surface quality. But the benefits are not limited to this aspect. Laser Screed ensures:

  • increased concrete resistance;
  • fewer construction joints;
  • lower maintenance costs.

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