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How to clean and enhance industrial floors? Dust and lithium silicate treatments

Long-lasting cleanliness, greater impermeability, excellent resistance. These are just some of the benefits of anti-dust and lithium silicate treatments. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the Elle&P team is aware of the difficulties involved in managing large spaces, which require constant cleaning and care. For this reason, it is important to invest in maintenance of industrial flooring: in addition to eliminating the need for periodic washing and continuous maintenance, anti-dust and lithium silicate solutions are the ideal ally for any kind of business.

What do they consist of and what are the benefits?

A resin-based anti-dust sealer is excellent for meeting the hygienic requirements of workplaces and those subject to heavy people or vehicle traffic, such as warehouses, offices and industrial factories. It is especially recommended for concrete floors, which tend to accumulate dirt easily because they are highly absorbent.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance, thanks to the even laying, this process simplifies floor cleaning, greatly limits the risk of chalking and the occurrence of dust, fungus and mould. All this can be achieved through careful and extremely effective treatment: after washing the floor, a thin layer of resin is applied to the concrete surface, making it much smoother.

The lithium silicate treatment also guarantees a high-quality permanent effect from an aesthetic and technical perspective, at a low cost. The process involves applying lithium silicates to concrete, which is highly porous. Once spread, the mixture, which is neither toxic nor flammable, fills the cavities in the material, creating an insoluble crystal layer. This makes the area resistant to low temperatures, humidity, deterioration and abrasion.

There are therefore several reasons to choose this solution, which is suitable for industrial flooring, prevents the risk of localised swelling, has a low environmental impact and does not require routine maintenance. Elle&P offers an unlimited range of colours from which you can choose your favourite according to your needs or personal taste, without ever having to compromise on beauty, gloss and quality.

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