Discovering the jointless floor

immagine pavimento jointless

Jointless industrial floors are concrete structures without visible contraction joints. In some cases, and under certain conditions, these joints represent the weak point of the flooring: this is why jointless concrete floors, characterized by a uniform surface and capable of resisting temperature changes, become the ideal solution in certain situations. Concrete is a material that, […]

Elle&P: your flooring general contractor

immagine general contractor pavimenti

Who is the General Contractor for flooring? It is the entity that coordinates and manages all phases of the construction process, ensuring quality throughout every stage of work. Choosing a company like Elle&P means having a single point of contact for the entire duration of the project, handling the study and implementation of solutions tailored […]

The benefits of sustainable concrete

immagine pavimenti in calcestruzzo sostenibile

Can concrete be sustainable? The answer is yes! Scientific research and new technologies have led to the emergence of eco-friendly concrete, which not only ensures lower environmental impact but also good resistance to static and dynamic loads. The future of construction lies in this solution, which is also used by Elle&P to lay durable industrial […]

The laser screed method for industrial flooring

immagine metodo laser screed per pavimenti industriali

Quality, versatility, safety. There are many properties that industrial flooring must have in order to be long-lasting and functional. When designing and laying surfaces, Elle&P ensures solutions that can withstand the constant transit of people and things, and the weight and vibrations associated with moving materials. This is possible by observing certain basic steps in […]

How to clean and enhance industrial floors? Dust and lithium silicate treatments

immagine pulizia pavimentazioni industriali

Long-lasting cleanliness, greater impermeability, excellent resistance. These are just some of the benefits of anti-dust and lithium silicate treatments. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the Elle&P team is aware of the difficulties involved in managing large spaces, which require constant cleaning and care. For this reason, it is important to […]

The benefits of resin flooring

immagine vantaggi pavimentazioni in resina

They are glossy, elegant and give the environment great dynamism. Resin flooring is a safe choice for small projects as well as for industrial applications in new builds or redevelopments. The result? A true handcrafted product that is highly customisable, starting from a choice of colours, with which to satisfy the customer’s wishes and allow […]

Elle&p on stage at bergamo brescia capital of culture 2023

immagine partecipazione a bergamo brescia capitale della cultura

A show to be seen and heard: 800 Italian university choristers filled Piazza Vecchia in Città Alta, Bergamo, with their music. Elle&P is proud to have supported the Università Canta Uni.Co event, the project conceived by Laura Pesenti, Vocal Coach and Director of the Student Choir of the University of Bergamo, held on Saturday 22 […]

Laser screed for industrial floors

immagine tecnologia laser screed per pavimenti industriali

Laser Screed is the innovative planimetric control technology for laying industrial floors. This particular machine takes its name from the British company that designed and built a series of innovative machines used to level and vibro-compact large quantities of concrete at the same time. Laser screed floors are safe and perfect for applications in different […]

Elle&p: a company that meets the requirements of the prestigious iso 9001:2015 certification

logo certificazione iso 9001

ELLE&P holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification: Bureau Veritas Italia Spa, a world leader in auditing services, has in fact confirmed that our organisation’s management system is fully compliant with the requirements of the standard. The field of application to which the ISO 9001:2015 certification refers relates to laying of industrial flooring, and the management […]

Unscheduled closure due to coronavirus

immagine chiusura causa covid

Following the provisions of the Italian Ministerial Decree of 10 April 2020, Elle&P announces the closure of its activities until 3 May inclusive. The company will resume normal working activities as soon as conditions allow. The state has provided grants to support companies in this difficult time, from which Elle&P has benefited. Disclosure requirements for […]